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Our congregation was organized by the Rev. W.W. Rowe in 1905 with 17 members as a member of the North Carolina Classis of the Reformed Church in the U.S. (German Reformed). The land on which the church sits was donated by Caroline Boger a descendant of the Rev. George Boger who owned the property before her. In 1934 the R.C.U.S merged with the Evangelical Church and we became Boger Evangelical and Reformed church. Then in 1957 another denominational merger took place and our name was changed to Boger United Church of Christ. Owing to the many unbiblical teachings and practices of the U.C.C., Boger Church officially withdrew from that denomination in 2013 restoring the church's original name as a result.

As a Reformed Church we also value those statements which arose out of the 16th century Protestant Reformation especially the Heidelberg Catechism which we have inherited from the German Reformed tradition.

In accordance with the teachings of Jesus, and the practice prevailing among evangelical Christians Boger Reformed Church recognizes two Sacraments: Baptism and The Lord's Supper or Holy Communion.


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