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Our Pastor is the Reverend Dr. John Taylor Brantley. 


"Doctor John," as we call him, was called in January of 2023 to be our Pastor. He has been a pastor since June of 2013.  He is a presbyter in good standing in the Evangelical and Reformed Synod and the Evangelical Association. He and his wife Amanda were raised in eastern Cumberland County outside of Fayetteville, NC. They have two wonderful children. 


Dr. John holds a Bachelor of Theology (Th.B.), a Certificate in Christian Theology (Cert.Th), and a Master of Arts (MA) in Christian Education. In July of 2022 he completed his Doctor of Christian Education (C.Ed.D.) from Wycliffe Theological Seminary in New York. He is also a member of the Board of Directors for Trinity Springs Christian Academy in Cameron, North Carolina and an Alderman of the Fellowship of Arts and Mysteries in Ligonier, Pennsylvania. 

Dr. John has a passion for classical Christian education and for shaping the hearts and minds of young people to prepare them for lives of Christian service.  He has published a "How-To" guide for planting Christian schools/learning communities. He has also published a Science and Natural Philosophy curriculum for Christian schools and homeschoolers.  


In addition to his work at Boger and Christian Education research, Dr. John enjoys historical reenacting, studying ancient Mesopotamia, and learning to write in Cuneiform. 


The Rev. Dr. John Taylor Brantley


Dr. John, Mrs. Amanda, their children, and Mrs. Nore (Dr. John's mother) after service on Easter 2023.

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